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Allocutio (November, 2009)
Fr. Lawrence Goode, Spiritual Director

“November is the month of the Holy Souls.  We remember Msgr. Kennedy, the deceased Spiritual Director of the South San Mateo Curia, who had an excellent sense of humor.  Despite being almost deaf. he came to the Comitium each month, and participated in the Memorial Mass at the Cemetery each year.  His had this excuse for swimming three times a week - he said he wanted to look good in the coffin!...
 This Saturday we will be having house to house visitation in the parish of St. Francis in East Palo Alto.  Seminarians from St. Patrick’s will be joined by parish legionaries.  Other legionaries are also invited to join. We also need to see how we can help the praesidium here at St. Finn Barr, the home of our Senatus, before we leave tonight.              

When one of our Legion’s family dies we need to recognize that it is our family too.  And we also should pray for the Legionary who was listed as sick during the roll call.  We should also remember and honor those of us who marry. So, Congratulation Br. Davo! (past treasurer of the Senatus, recently married).  

Stockton Comitium has a long history and years ago they used to visit us in San Francisco even before they were part of the Senatus.  It is good to see them growing...  A great work was accomplished by the PPC in Sacramento, continuing along the tradition of past PPCs which were held in Idaho and Salt Lake City.  I attended the PPC in Salt Lake City many years ago, a great experience.   Let’s pray over the map of Utah, so that the Legion may grow there (Frank Duff used to pray over a map of the country where the Legion presence was needed).   We should really have a priest present at future PPCs.  This enables those homes visited by Legionaries in the morning, to be visited later in the day by the priest for confession, or consultation about becoming Catholic.

Tomorrow is the feast of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, first American canonized saint.  She named all her hospitals after the first Italian immigrant – Christopher Columbus.

Monthly joke:
Once there was a priest who wanted to emphasize the need to think about one's spiritual life, before death.
He started his Sunday homily with a warning: "Get Ready! Think about it! Everyone  in this parish is going to die! And that means You! Looking out at the congregation, the Priest noticed a young boy who was smiling.  A bit nettled, the Priest thundered again,  "Everyone in this Parish is going to die, no matter what!  The young boy smiled again.  The Priest looked down and said, "You there, Boy! Do you think you will escape? The Boy smiled and said, "Sure Father, I'm not from this parish!"
(At the end of the allocution Fr. Goode imparted his blessing to all in the Senatus)   

                                                           Fr. Gives his Blessing to All of Senatus
                                                                                        The October 2009 Allocutio, given by Fr. Goode at the San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary 

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