San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary
Allocutio by Fr. Lawrence Goode, Senatus Spiritual Director, given at the April 2009, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes)

Allocutio (May, 2009)
Fr. Lawrence Goode, Spiritual Director

I wish all mothers, ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’  And, ‘Happy Mother’s Day, Blessed Mother!’
Congratulations to Agnes Cassidy of St. Paul here in SF, and a long-time legionary, on her 102nd Birthday!  She was a Eucharistic Minister to the homebound and patients at St Luke Hospital until this year. (Working at age 100! So, what excuse do we Legionaries have for missing our work?)  And let's not forget that 70th report by Our Lady Help of Christians Praesidium in Sacramento!  So the Legion is showing its longevity and staying power...
People and parishes respond differently to some important event.  To St. Brendan legionaries, the beginning of their Holy Hour was a response to 9/11, and it continues up to this day!  They bring the Legion to most of the parish activities like the Pancake Breakfast.  We are thankful for the support of your spiritual director and the priests. One of them, Fr. Te, is Vietnamese, and nearly all Vietnamese have been involved in the Legion of Mary.
The 45 parishes without the Legion in the diocese,  pose a big challenge to Stockton.   Columban Drives will surely help.  You have many great legionaries, some aging, but working hard for years, and no doubt they are sustained by the Legion  ‘Fountain of Youth.’...  Pray for Idaho.  Jail Ministry is good work, but may they also be empowered to do more Door-to-Door and Apostolates to the Crowd, if they are able.  And remember our legionaries in Alaska’s remote Praesidia, like the North Pole, and the difficulties they have, and pray that the Legionaries in North Utah  may step forward and take a more active leadership, and continue the rather difficult task of working in the Mormon Capitol City...Pray also for the fourteen seminarians in the Seminary Praesidium, who  are doing well, and for Deacons Arthur Najera (President)  and Maurice Hurtado at St. Patrick Seminary, who will be ordained on Memorial Day for the Diocese of Sacramento.  Before Fr. Goode gave his blessing, he shared a prayer and poem on the Blessed Mother and the Rosary, which are given below:

Prayer to Mary
by Trappist Father Raymond

Remember, O Mary
That you can’t say “you can’t”
Because you are God’s Mother.
And you won’t say “you won’t”
Because you are my Mother.
So you will, won’t you?

My Beads
By Father Abram Ryan

“Sweet Blessed Beads! I would not part
With one of you, for richest gem
That gleams in kingly diadem;
You know the history of my heart.

For I have told you every grief
In all the days of twenty years
And I have moistened you with tears
And in your decades found relief.

Ah, time has fled, and friends have failed,
And joys have died; but in my needs,
You were my friends, My Blessed Beads!
And you consoled me when I wailed.

For many and many a time
My weary fingers wandered round
The circled-chain, and always found
In some Hail Mary sweet relief.

You are the only chain I wear
A sign that I am but the slave,
In life, in death, beyond the grave
Of Jesus and His Mother fair.”

   Fr. Goode's Allocution for the SF Senatus, April 2009


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