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Allocutio (June, 2010)
Fr. Lawrence Goode, Senatus Spiritual Director

"The year for priests began on the feast of the Sacred Heart last year and ends on June 19, this year.  The concluding Mass by the Pope will be the biggest concelebrated Mass ever, with thousands of Priests present at the Vatican.  We have another week to pray for priests before the year ends...."
"Br. John Lopes,  an officer of the Legion for many years, passed away on April 17th.  Br. John immigrated from China with his family in 1966. He was blind, yet he participated in Legion activities, including the Apostolate to the Crowd.    His blindness, British accent, impeccable tie and suit, and his fearlessness in talking to street people, made a memorable impression.  Because of his spirit and ability, we sometimes would forget he was blind, and had to return and search for him while he worked on the street.  As Vice-president of the San Francisco Comitium, he did the roll call from memory, and made only two mistakes in six years, both on the last meeting of his second term.  Br. John's  funeral was on the same day as our spiritual directors meeting with Fr. Miller.  Please pray for him and his family..."
(To see Br. Johns Obituary notice in the San Francisco Chronicle, click on the link below)
 Br. John Lopes
"Mary, Mother of Light praesidium has two spiritual directors in East Palo Alto, but in my parish, the praesidium has three!  The praesidium’s location in the North Beach area of San Francisco  is not the easiest place for Legion Work, but they have great concern for retreats..."

"Please send my regards to Br. Hernandez (past president of San Jose Comitium), Senatus will miss him..."

"The Meeting Time of San Francisco Senatus:
There is considerable concern because of reduced attendance. Some Legionaries feel that perhaps changing to an earlier time, or moving the meeting to a weekend, would be beneficial.  Before changing the time of meeting we must know why the members aren’t coming.  If members have other serious problems which prevent them from attending, changing the time may not help.  We must determine first the reasons for poor attendance.  It may be that the meetings are just too long, yet we know we are here to conduct the business of Our Lady. Let us take the Concilium as our ideal.  Their meetings move quickly as possible, and there is not an unnecessary word. That should be a major consideration of those who prepare our Senatus monthly reports. There should be a clear idea of what the business is, and reports must be well thought out, concise, and swift.  The ideal is to present a realistic and adequate praesidium report, in as short a time as possible."

                                                                                               The October 2009 Allocutio, given by Fr. Goode at the San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary

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