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Archived Allocutio (July, 2011)
Fr. Lawrence Goode, the Senatus Spiritual Director

The Guest Allocutio, by Deacon Felix Lim: "I am one year away from ordination, and looking forward to working with the Legion.  There is real joy in being a 'lifer' in the Legion.  During my term as Treasurer of the Philadelphia Senatus, I helped to start new praesidia.  All Legionaries should prepare stories, based on your door to door work, or apostolate work, so priests can understand what we Legionaries do.  Your powerful experiences on the street, and visiting homes, will influence Priests to start the Legion in their own parishes. Make your stories compelling, so to illustrate the power of the Legion.  Our system, our Legion, is the most effective lay apostolate in the Church.  We meet once a week for prayer, and prepare for work during the meeting.  Then, we go out in pairs, and evangelize others.  I learned much from the Philadelphia Legion, from our many good experiences going door to door - I had  improved language skills, and the ability to speak to a wide range of people. We must encourage many others to join the Legion, so they too, can learn these skills.  Start that new praesidium.  There is immediate work for a new praesidium, for example, ask them to attend daily Mass,  make friends, and talk to parishioners. Then they can in turn, urge their new friends to join the Legion. Also,  at daily Mass, befriend the Priest, and find out his needs are, and make certain he understands the Legion is there to help him.  You will be so happy for having started praesidia.  Pray for the extension of the Legion. Get your friends to join the Legion, and tell your stories to the younger priests, so that they too, will be inspired to start praesidia." 
Fr. Goode:  "Thank you, Deacon Lim, and since you know Fr. Fran Pefley, the inspiring worker for the Arlington Regia, and Philadelphia Senatus, perhaps you can persuade him to come to San Francisco to speak to us... Also, I would like Senatus members to pray for the soul of Bill Murphy, recently deceased, the brother of former San Francisco Comitium president Mary Brady.  Bill Murphy was a great member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society." 
At the end of the allocutio, Fr, Goode gave his blessing to all present, and to all those in the Senatus.

Please! Legionaries, make your personal contribution to the upcoming Family Rosary Crusade!! We need your help to make the Rosary Crusade a great success!! 

Donations can now be sent to
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             Fr. Goode gave his blessing to all Legionaries

           The October 2009 Allocutio, given by Fr. Goode at the San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary                 

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