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Archived Allocutio, January, 2012
 Fr. Lawrence Goode
     Chaplain of the SF Senatus

"Earlier today, a group at the Chancery was speaking about celebrating the Year of Faith on October 13.  A key point of the year is the new evangelization, which challenges us to think about what this means for us as Legionaries.  San Francisco is the most secular place in the world - so San Franciscans, including those who have gone to Catholic schools, need a new evangelization more than those in other communities. How do we communicate the message, presenting it in an understandable way, to people who have walked away? 
In the Castro Neighborhood the great legionary, Mary Brady, asked fallen away Catholics to go back and try it again, even when they had all kinds of reasons against it.  We need to listen to people even if what they say is offensive to us.  Give them another chance - it's in your hands, Legionaries!   Jesus has the words of eternal life.  We may need a new approach emphasizing freedom before making expectations. 

Our personal witness is important, for example in our own families.  How do we make our faith real?  One help is the papal document on the Year of Faith, which should be given out to our members - it is must reading.  Also, we legionaries do have answers for our local citizens, perhaps because we have more practical experience than the Church Heirarchy, since we are out on the streets, talking to people directly, and understand their concerns. 

Congratulations to the Spanish Curia and Korean Comitium, a wonderful achievement...  In the South San Mateo Curia there are a variety of works - Our Lady of the Annunciation Praesidium is not forgetting to promote the family rosary.  Salinas is making a good effort to have a Legion of Mary in the prison, and Portland’s idea for a Frank Duff novena was great!  The Korean Legionaries distribute Catholic literature in stores, more councils could do the same."

                                       (Before leaving Fr. Goode gave his blessing to all present)

                                                                        The October 2009 Allocutio, given by Fr. Goode at the San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary

The Apostolic Letter on the Year of Faith, Porta Fidei, by Pope Benedict XVI, can be found online.
                            Fr. Goode asks that you read this important document!

                                          (Click on the link Below, to call up the document).         
                                                                            Porta Fidei


  Please continue praying for
                    Fr. Goode, Legion Chaplains, and Priests everywhere                           

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