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Allocutio (January, 2010)
Fr. Lawrence Goode, Spiritual Director

        This month's Senatus Allocutio was given by Br. David Marten, President of the San Francisco Senatus

"This has been declared the Year of the Priest by Pope Benedict.  January 5 was the feast of St. John Neumann, an American saint with a very interesting history.  Although he graduated from his European seminary, he was told that he couldn’t be ordained in his home country because there were too many priests.  Consequently, he immigrated to America  as an unordained Seminarian in 1835.  However, he persevered, and in 1836, was ordained by the Bishop of New York, and then became a Redemptorist priest in Pittsburgh.  He  later became the Archbishop of Philadelphia in 1850.  This shows the providence of God,  and the perseverance of the saint is an important example to us. St. John Neumann founded the parochial school system in America.  He was an unassuming man who accomplished much.  Let us remember all our priests and pray for them in this Year of the Priest". 

                                                                                        The October 2009 Allocutio, given by Fr. Goode at the San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary 
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