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Allocutio (February, 2010)
Fr. Lawrence Goode, Spiritual Director

Happy Valentine’s Day to all in the Senatus!  The 46th year of the Our Lady of Annunciation Praesidium is quite notable, as it is one of the first SF Praesidia...  and, Our Lady of Palestine should be recommended to all Arabic speaking people...  Let’s remember that  one of the works listed in the handbook is to offer retreats, including retreats for non-Catholics.  Congratulations to the Senatus for the upcoming six year anniversary.  Our first Senatus meeting was in March 2004...
 We hear of priests, in reports, who don’t want the Legion to do door to door.  In 1978 I attended my first SF Comitium meeting on Oak St.  I was impressed with the Apostolate to the Crowd report, but I felt concern for the safety of those going into these rough areas.  So I went with Mary Brady and Marge Monroe, as they contacted people on the streets of the Tenderloin area in San Francisco.  I learned that street work, even in the worst areas, does was not justify fear.  As some Priests might have this same fear, we need to communicate to them that the Legion is NOT a wimpy organization. We hear of a priest’s opposition, and then we give in.  We need to communicate a different message - We need not be afraid!  In all the years of the San Francisco apostolates since 1978, there has only been one incident where a Legionary was attacked, but only because he was condemning people.  We have Our Lady.  She steps on the head of the serpent.  She is so concerned for her children that she is willing to step on the snake.
We need to communicate this different message - We need not be afraid
                                                                                               The October 2009 Allocutio, given by Fr. Goode at the San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary

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