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Archived Allocutio of the San Francisco Senatus
142nd Meeting, December 10th, 2015
Br. Ando Perlas

           President of the San Francisco Senatus        

Brother Perlas encouraged all Curia and praesidium presidents to read Pope Francis’s document, Misericordiae Vultus to the members.  The word “mercy” is mentioned three times in the Catena.  At the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Kyrie, a prayer for mercy, is prayed three times to signify man’s need for God’s love and mercy.  Additionally, at Mass in the Confiteor, both the priest and the people acknowledge their sinfulness before God, and once again beg for His mercy and forgiveness.  The Pope recognizes that man has a fallen nature and thus, we fall into sin many times during the day – not only with the sins we commit but as well with many acts of omission.  No matter how one tries to be perfect and holy we still depend on God’s mercy.  There is never a day when we do not need mercy.  Our role as Legionaries is to let people know that they must not despair because of their sins because God is always ready to forgive.  We just need to ask Him for forgiveness.  Thus, we are missionaries of mercy.  During the Jubilee Year, we are also asked to perform spiritual and corporal works of mercy, many of which we already do in our works as Legionaries.


  "Fr. Goode sends his blessing to all in the San Francisco Senatus"                                

Although the Year of Faith is now officially over, the Legion of Mary will continue its
works of Evangelization around the world, without ceasing, for the years to come.

  (Fr. Goode, on the Importance of the Year of Faith, Porta Fide)

 "The year of Faith, Porta Fide, declared by (Emeritus) Pope Benedict, began on October 11th, 2012. (This was two days prior to our annual Rosary Rally, which was first held in UN Plaza in San Francisco, on October 13th, in 2014, and now in 2015). The Porta Fide is the beginning of a new evangelization. Once again, I ask that you read the Pope's Apostolic Letter - [a link to his online document is here Porta Fidei and below on this page]. It is especially important for us to evangelize those who have abandoned the Faith, and walked away, and we know that this involves so many people in San Francisco and the Bay Area. We Legionaries must build bridges to those who have wandered away. I'd like to recommend some books, which will help in building bridges. One is Mathew Kelly's Rediscovering Catholicism, which is motivational, and the second is Catholicism, by Fr. Robert Barron, which explains the faith to intellectuals who have distanced themselves from the Church." Also, let me recommend another book on evangelization, by Diane Moczar, “Converts and Kingdoms. The Year of Faith is now officially ended, but Legion Evangelization will go on forever....

The Books recommended by Fr. Goode are available online at e.g.,, in both paperback and hardbound

*   Note: does not promote any commercial website, or online bookstore, or any other commercial business or entity, and does not receive any monies for recommendations. The sources sited are for your convenience, and the items are available from many other sources.

With the Apostolic Letter of 11 October 2011, Porta fidei, Pope Benedict XVI declared a Year of Faith, which began on 11 October 2012, on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Ecumenical Vatican Council, and has concluded on 24 November 2013, the Solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King.
Although the Year of Faith is officially over, every Legionary should read the Papal Document below.

The Apostolic Letter on the Year of Faith, Porta Fidei, by Pope Benedict XVI, can be found online.
                            Fr. Goode asks that you read this important document!

                                          (Click on the link Below, to call up the document).         
                                                                            Porta Fidei

  Please continue praying for
                    Fr. Goode, Legion Chaplains, and Priests everywhere                           
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