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Archived Allocutio, December, 2011
 Fr. Lawrence Goode
     Chaplain of the SF Senatus

"We've just finished celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, at St. Francis of Assisi Church in East Palo Alto, and it is a very big celebration for our Latino community. It requires lots of work from the Parish priests, and I am still recovering from arising at 3:00 A.M. on both Monday and Tuesday... "

"You are aware that the Church in the United States is under duress, and we must prepare ourselves for what is to come, more criticism and attacks, perhaps even persecution. For help, we must look to Our Lady, and increase our prayers and work. But we can also learn from legionaries who suffered persecution in the past. For example, read “The Church Militant – Bishop Kung and the Church Resistance in Shanghai,” by Paul Mariani, S.J.  It is a story of the Legion of Mary in Shanghai, China, during the 1950s, at the time of great persecution by the Communisty Party.  Father Aidan McGrath was one of the Legionary Priests in China, who was imprisoned for years, and he told me this story: "In Shanghai, it was the youth, some as young as 14, who stood up, and prepared themselves for persecution. They took off their silk garments and wore burlap, and cut their hair.  Many were imprisoned and martyred, and there was no distinction made between active and auxiliary members in the persecution."  Their lives made a great impression on Bishop Kung and Father McGrath, and we have much to be proud of the Legion of Mary in China.  Why were the communists doing this?  Because they despised Mary - the devil likes Mary the least.  I would encourage all Legionaries to get this book, and read it."

                        (Fr. Mariani's book is available online, at e.g.,, priced around $33.)
                   (Also, you may google Fr. Aidan McGrath, and view a YouTube video clip of him, online)

                                                         YouTube video of Fr. McGrath

                                       (Before leaving Fr. Goode gave his blessing to all present)
                                                                        The October 2009 Allocutio, given by Fr. Goode at the San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary


  Please continue praying for
                    Fr. Goode, Legion Chaplains, and Priests everywhere                           

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