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Archived Allocutio (August, 2011)
Fr. Lawrence Goode, the Senatus Spiritual Director

"Thank you, Officers and Members, for your active work in promoting the upcoming Family Rosary Crusade, here in San Francisco, on October 15th. And my Praesidium shows this spirit - they have collected all of their Rosary Pledge Cards, and are asking for more. We expect a great turnout at SF Civic Center, even though the program cannot be quite the same as the first Rally 50 years ago. We have realized that we cannot safely transport the Holy Eucharist through the streets of San Francisco, because we all know how times have changed. For example, at a wake for a deceased Legionary, the family requested that the Legion prayers be not said aloud, so we had to say them in silence. And the distribution of the Eucharist at a large public function is no longer completely safe. We must call attention to the greatness of the Eucharist, in the same way as the Sisters of Perpetual Adoration promote the Eucharistic Procession in the Haight Ashbury District....And certainly, the public recitation of the Rosary at our Family Rosary Crusade, will help the Church here in San Francisco, and the Eucharist.

Tonight, I would like to welcome to Senatus, Fr. Francis, and all the new members of the Praesidium at St. Finn Barr. You know that I was pastor here at St. Finn Barr for some years, and during that time, a priest named Fr. Frank Jordan from Scotland, (with the same name as a former Mayor of San Francisco), came to visit. Fr. Frank urged that there should be a Praesidium here...and it was as if Frank Duff was speaking directly to me. So tonight, we are very happy to see that Praesidium here at Senatus, continuing that tradition...
And, congratulations also to Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Praesidium, soon to celebrate its 75th Anniversary.

Idaho Comitium has impressive attendance figures, 77%. The San Francisco Senatus should imitate this good turnout, and investigate why our attendance is not as good as it should be. Is it a matter of transportation? Let us work to get our Officers here to Senatus...Sr. Eva Pera, formerly of South San Mateo Curia, now in Idaho, has always loved the junior Legionaries....and for we Seniors, there is a Legionary in North Utah who has 50 years now in the Legion. And perhaps there are some great stories for the Catholic SF Newspaper, stories from our far away councils like Anchorage Comitium in Alaska, which goes to hospitals to encourage Baptism, and of the report from Sr. Mary Jane Murphy of the Rogue Valley Curia, and here in Northern California, the coming together of the many Korean Praesidia and Councils, to form a new Korean Comitium...Tell stories about our work and Councils, to continue to promote the Legion of Mary.
At the end of the allocutio, Fr, Goode gave his blessing to all present, and to all those in the Senatus.

        Please! Legionaries, make your personal contribution to the upcoming Family Rosary Crusade!!   
                   We need your help to make the Rosary Crusade a great success!!

Donations can now be sent to
Family Rosary Crusade
Po Box 422551
San Francisco, CA  94142-2551


  The Year of the Priest has ended, but please continue praying for
Fr. Goode, Legion Chaplains, and Priests everywhere

           The October 2009 Allocutio, given by Fr. Goode at the San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary                 

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