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Allocutio (August, 2010)
  Fr. Lawrence Goode, Senatus Chaplain

"The two praesidia, one in San Francisco and one in Sacramento,  who gave their 73rd annual reports, are impressive for their activity and longevity - I wasn't even born then! (Close, but no cigar!)   I encourage St. Agnes Legionaries to continue their apostolate to the crowd in the difficult Haight Ashbury District, where drugs and crime are common. And, the Stockton comitium is commended for planning Columban drives in every parish.  Anchorage has a good plan to use Catholic movies, a new way to evangelize - Catholics should use every possible way to promote our Catholic Faith.  North Utah's door to door work should be restarted, promoted and commended, especially since they are in a Mormon Community. This is an excellent way to evangelize for their parishes. The church is alive in Utah, and one reason is the many PPC’s held in Utah over the years. Those who evangelized years ago, have yielded good returns for the Church... 
I'd like to  suggest another way to recruit members, in addition to a Columban drive.  Fr. Ryan learned this approach from Fr. Bradshaw.  Don’t try to visit every home in the parish - do a few streets, and go back many times, and visit the same homes, and make friends.  Then you will successfully recruit Legionaries.  I did this once, and as a result, had enough new members for a new praesidium, and then another one.  Take two experienced legionaries and add to two new legionaries, to start a new praesidium.  I pass this advice on to every praesidium which is struggling, and, although I have suggested this approach many times, it is still waiting to be tried by Senatus members..."
 Fr. Goode gave his blessing to all in the Senatus, before leaving.

           The October 2009 Allocutio, given by Fr. Goode at the San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary

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