San Francisco Senatus of the Legion of Mary
Allocutio by Fr. Lawrence Goode, Senatus Spiritual Director, given at the April 2009, San Francisco Senatus (Archived News Notes)

"God does not always smooth our way, even for a Spiritual Director in the Legion.  Last month, as I was driving on the freeway, the fan belt on my car broke, and I had to leave my car in a garage overnight for repair, and missed Senatus.  When I returned back to the Parish that same night, I ended up giving a homily to a gathering of nuns. So, since I couldn't be at the Senatus, I told the nuns that the homily was due to God's intervention on their behalf". (Sr. Peterson remarked that, "Since Father was once Pastor at St. Finn Barr's, why didn't God intervene, and get us more heat? I'm freezing!" St. Finn Barr's is located in the fog and wind belt, and the center is usually cold).  Father was unfazed, showing off his sweatshirt under his jacket.  "Good Legionaries, like pastors, should always be prepared!" Father also remarked on the Council reports.  "when we see pictures of Praesidia now, like in Maria Legionis, it seems as if the members are all white haired.  And, we also notice the shortage of Priests.  When I was young, there were many priests, and almost no Deacons, and now there are many more deacons, for example, in San Jose, and the Spiritual Director of Salinas. We need to get more young people in the Legion, and we can do it.  Legion work has resulted in new Seminarians.  Look at the Praesidia up in Seattle and at San Jose and South San Mateo.  There are several groups with a dozen or more members, the result of their perseverance and hard work.  And these groups do great work - there have been several reports this year, about Legionaries gathered around the bed of a dying person, and praying with them. And the Legion is always instrumental in participating in the prayers and works of each parish.  It just points out the need for more Praesidia.  The councils reporting tonight all had plans for extension, in Oregon, Washington, and here in California, and we need this.  Don't be satisfied with a single Praesidium in your parish.   One of my early Legion Chaplains, Fr. Ryan, always talked about the need for a good plan.  His was simple - "Go to just a small area of a few blocks, and do Door to Door.  Come back again and again, and make friends with the neighbors.  Get to know the family members by name. When you are on a firm basis with them, invite them to join the Legion - and expect to get a new Praesidium".  Finally, if you have the time, come down and join our Praesidium in East Palo Alto, for our own Door to Door Work, in St. Francis of Assisi Parish, on April 18th." 
Fr. Goode gave his blessing before leaving.
 Fr. Goode's Allocution for the SF Senatus, April 2009

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