The Servant of God - Alphonsus Lambe

The Legion of Mary was firmly established on the Continent of South
America through the efforts of the great Legion Envoy, Alfie Lambe

Picture of Alfie Lambe, Legion Envoy to South America

Alfie Lambe was born in Tullamore, Ireland, on the feast
of St. John the Baptist, on Friday, June 24th, 1932.
Like his name Saint, He was a precursor - for the Legion of Mary, the great worldwide organization of lay Catholics. At an early age he joined the Irish Christian Brothers, but his poor health required him to leave the order, where he was called to join the Legion of Mary. He was appointed Envoy to South America in 1953, and left for Bogota, Columbia, that same year. God had given him great gifts - an attractive personality, an infectious enthusiasm, and a faculty for learning languages, especially the languages of South America, Spanish and Portuguese. His devotion to Mary was outstanding, and he promoted the practise of True Devotion to Our Lady,
everywere he went.

Map of South America

For almost six years, Alfie worked ceaselessly, promoting the Legion of Mary in Columbia, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Brazil. Like Edel Quinn, his health declined and after a short, but grave illness, died in Buenos Aires on the feastday of St. Agnes, January 21, 1959.
He is buried in the vault of the Irish Christian Brothers, in the Recoleta Cemetary, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Picture of Virgin and Child on Cover of Handbook, True Devotion

Please ask for the Help and Intercession of Alfie Lambe
in your daily prayers, especially for the most desperate
causes, for family members and friends.

You can find the Intercession prayers on the link below.
If you have received a special favor from Alfie, for
example, a critically ill person restored to health,
please notify The Concilium of the Legion of Mary,
so that the cause for the Beatification of Alfie may be
advanced. The address is below:

The Legion of Mary
DeMontford House
North Brunswick Street
Dublin 7, Ireland

You can learn more about the life of
Alfie Lambe, in the Biography below:

Alfie Lambe: Legion Envoy
by Helen Firtel. Mercer Press

This book may be available from your Council,
or is easily available online at book dealers
web sites.

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